Do I really need a new logo?


The short answer is ‘probably, yes’.

But not always, sometimes the logo you have is actually really good, connects with your audience and communicates what your business does really well. A good design studio should say when they don’t feel there is a need for a rebrand or any space for improvement.

However if you are reading this you have likely already started to doubt if your current logo is up to scratch and if it is time to change things up. So, maybe you have a business that has been growing in recent years, with a logo that was created a while ago. It was great at the time, but you are now thinking of stepping your business up a level and are wondering if you need a new logo.

What will a new logo change?

If done correctly, a rebrand will excite people about your business again and engage new customers, who may have overlooked you in the past as they made up their mind on first impressions.

Is my company logo really that important?

If you think of any big brands such as Apple, John Lewis or Ferrari, you may not initially think of their logo but you generally have a perception of the brand and how it makes you feel. The aim of a good brand identity, including the logo, is to create a better perception of your brand before that person has experienced what your company actually feels like to engage with. Much like when you meet someone for the first time, you make impressions based on their appearance before their personality, as that is all you have to go on before you start talking to them.

A great logo design is all about alignment. Lining up what you want people to think of you and what their perception is of you based on what they see.

My business is doing ok with the current logo

This may well be true, but could you be attracting more customers, higher spenders, or encouraging your current customers to do more business with you, if you just had a stronger logo with a better alignment of your brand.

People often don’t buy a new top because the old one no longer fits, but because it looks old or out of fashion. The buying of the new top is much like having a new logo, it technically carries out the same function as the old one, but will give a much better first impression with prospective customers.

I’m worried about changing and alienating my current customers

A good rebrand won’t be jarring and if the alignment is right, will actually ‘feel’ better to customers that already know what your company is actually like. Think of it more as an evolution than a change, the new logo will still be you at the core, it just has a fresher and more relevant look for your customers.

For your current customers, it is usually a really good excuse to create a new interaction with them. They may not have used you for a while, or even gone elsewhere, but a new logo could bring them back.

Ok I think I need a new logo, but how do I get started?

The best thing we can suggest is to have a look through the websites of a couple of branding agencies to get a feel for them and previous work they have done, even if it isn’t the same as the field your business is in, contact them and they will help guide you forward in the right direction. Maybe you could start here!

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